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Recommend Reading:
Trilogy and
How Should We Then Live?


If you only read one book by Francis Schaeffer, read Trilogy. Trilogy is made up of three shorter books (The God Who Is There, Escape From Reason, and He is There and He is Not Silent) which define Schaeffer's terms and give the overall structure of his thought.

Schaeffer anchors the Christian worldview in the infinite-personal God that is really there and has spoken to man in history. He explains that without this reference point, there is no basis for morals, human dignity, categories of thinking, creativity or relationships. Trilogy provides a framework that will unite your view of the world so that you hear the poet, the painter, the philosopher, the musician and the theologian as all dealing with the same questions using different words. Trilogy is a great starting point for some serious thinking and engaging conversations.

How Should We Then Live?

If you only read two books by Schaeffer, make the second one How Should We Then Live?

Francis Schaeffer saw the world as a whole. As a result, the bulk of the content of How Should We Then Live? is not the philosophy of Hume, the music of Bach or the theology of Luther, but the relationships between the disciplines. How Should We Then Live? will forever change the way you look at Dali's melting clocks, listen to the Beatles, discuss the value of human life, read your Bible and as a result, the way you live your life.

The Writings of Francis Schaeffer

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