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This is a collection of links that may be of interest to readers of Schaeffer. The sites are intended to encourage thinking and conversation and as such, some may contain material that is contrary to the Christian worldview. Nonetheless, it is material that the thinking Christian needs to be able to understand and answer.

"The Christian is to resist the spirit of the world. But when we say this, we must understand that the worldspirit does not always take the same form. So the Christian must resist the spirit of the world in the form it takes in his own generation. If he does not do this, he is not resisting the spirit of the world at all." (Francis Schaeffer - The God Who Is There)

L'Abri Fellowship International Home Page

Schaeffer Audio at Sound Word

Francis Schaeffer Institute


L'Abri Resources by L.G. Parkhurst Jr.


The following categories of links may also be of interest:

Reformed Theology

C.S. Lewis

Christian Apologetics


General Bible Resources

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