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Letters of Francis Schaeffer


This is a collection of Schaeffer's correspondance. The letters cover a wide range of topics and really bring out the heart of Schaeffer. He was able to discuss what people refer to as the "abstract," but for him it was always about real people.

Commercial Availability of Work

Letters of Francis Schaeffer (paper)
As far as I know this work is not available in any collections.

Quotes From The Book

The links below provide selected complete letters.

Selection #1:
The Reawakening of Spiritual Reality
Gradually My Thinking Has Changed

Selection #2:
On Resting
A Root Planted in a Garden
On Sickness
The Art of Spiritual Growth
No Perfect People, Physically or Psychologically
Being Angry at God
Something with Both Usefulness and Beauty

Selection #3:
On Knowing the Presence of God
Imperfection and the Continuing Work of Christ
Spiritual Battles Draw Real Blood
Times of Strength and Times of Weakness
Salvation, Works and Grace, Eternal Security and the Sacraments
Do Not Be Afraid of the Past
Everything is Spiritual Because God Made Everything
Quiet in the Presence of God

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