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Perhaps no other Christian thinker of the twentieth century, aside from C.S. Lewis, has had as significant an impact on the lives of others as Francis Schaeffer. His audience included everyone from Timothy Leary to Mark Heard. His books and lectures were discussed by students, pastors, hippies, scientists, philosophers and artists. He claimed that there were "no little people" and challenged everyone to think and live all of life as an artistic expression that the infinite-personal God is there and is not silent.

The articles collected here are not all positive. Like anyone, Schaeffer had his critics too. But one thing was certain, you could agree or disagree with Francis Schaeffer, but you could not ignore him.

The Arts and Music by Jean Anouilh

The Dissatisfaction of Francis Schaeffer by Michael S. Hamilton

False Antithesis by Greg L. Bahnsen

Francis Schaeffer and B.F. Skinner by Donald Ratcliff

Francis Schaeffer: The Last Great Modern Theologian
(and the reason I have a goatee!) by David Hopkins

Francis Schaeffer's View of History by William H. Burnside

The God Who Is Where by John Fischer

Schaeffer on Education by Francis Schaeffer

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